Yosemite UX Pack 4.0

Yosemite UX Pack 4.0

Yosemite UX Pack 4.0

Yosemite UX Pack will give you all new OS X Yosemite user experiences combined with iOS 8 graphics such as theme, wallpapers, and new OS X features combined altogether in single package working on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 without touching system files at all so it won’t have such risk to harm your system at all. In this package, you’ll have the best user experiences greatly resembles real OS X Yosemite from Windows side without modifying system files.

– Instantly dress up Windows 7/8/8.1/10 to OS X Yosemite in one minute
– Seamless installation and uninstallation giving user’s confidence and security in system
– Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
– UxStyle memory patching
– OS X Yosemite/iOS 8 themes, wallpapers, user pictures and logon screen
– Start Orb matching OS X Yosemite themes without actually modifying system files
– OS X Dock emulation with pre-configured docklets optimized for stability/performance
– Dashboard and Spaces with shortcut keys configured
– Launchpad access from desktop corner and Dock configured

UxStyle memory patching: http://www.uxstyle.com
UltraUXThemePatcher: http://www.syssel.net/hoefs/index.php
OS X Yosemite Theme for Windows 7: http://cu88.deviantart.com
OS X Yosemite Theme for Windows 8/8.1: http://cu88.deviantart.com
OS X Yosemite Theme for Windows 10: http://cu88.deviantart.com
Flurry screensaver: http://www.maddogsw.com/flurry
iOS 7 icons: http://iynque.deviantart.com
Yosemite icons: http://cjchristianjoel.deviantart.com
RocketDock: http://www.rocketdock.com
StandaloneStack: http://www.chrisnsoft.com
XWidget/XLaunchpad: http://www.xwidget.com
expstart: http://www.coderforlife.com
VirtuaWin: http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net
WinaeroGlass: http://www.winaero.com
OldNewExplorer: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170375-oldnewexplorer-make-your-81-explorer-work-like-win78-one/
LeftSider: http://hsiw.web.fc2.com
Y’z Shadow: http://yzapps.blog24.fc2.com

Version 4.0
-Added Windows 10 support
-Added Yosemite Black theme for Frame UI
-Adjusted taskbar’s transparency level to match with real Yosemite UI
-Changed Dock’s height and icon size to match with real Yosemite UI
-Changed theme engine to UltraUXThemePatcher
-Changed Yosemite theme in Windows 8.1 to ones without relying on transparency hack
-Fixed missing command bar on Windows 8/8.1
-Increased Yosemite Dock’s opacity
-Updated Dock background to have darken tone and rectangular corner for bottom part

Version 3.0
-Added black theme for Windows 7/8/8.1
-Added completed set of Yosemite wallpapers
-Added Dock configuration like ‘always on top’ and ‘always on top with auto-hide’
-Added ‘Finderbar Taskbar tweaks + Shadow’ option
-Added Helvetica Neue fonts family with unicode compatibility
-Added Taskbar transparency fadein
-Changed default Dock configuration to ‘Enable (always on top)’
-Changed fonts in OS X feature apps to Helvetica Neue
-Fixed non-English OS issue in Dock’s Power options
-Fixed Yzshadow menu transparency bug
-Fixed Yzshadow running only with Transparency
-Updated Launchpad wallpaper with blur feature
-Updated OldNewExplorer to version 1.1.0

Version 2.0
-Added Explorer Ribbon removal without modifying system files
-Added power options in Dock
-Changed applying permissions program to cacls instead of icacls
-Changed dock layer to normal so it won’t get interrupt maximized window
-Changed virtuawin’s hotkeys to fix assignment error with intel/nvidia hotkeys
-Fixed UxStyle theme engine not working sometimes
-Fixed start orb glitches on larger DPI
-Removed font substitutions that could cause text rendering glitches in some languages
-Removed system files permission applying for smoother installation
-Removed Windows 8 glass transparency (break iTunes/Spotify)
-Updated taskbar configuration to match with Yosemite UI
-Updated Windows 7/8/8.1 theme for real Yosemite UI

Version 1.0
-Initial release

OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack
DownloadTyphoon – “OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack will give you all new OS X Mavericks user experiences combined with iOS 7 graphics such as theme, wallpapers, system resources, and new OS X features combined altogether in single package working on Windows platform since Windows XP to up to Windows 8.”

Yosemite UX Pack is outdated!
And been replaced with: macOS UX Pack

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