Xperia Z/Tablet Z: Cyanogenmod 11.0 – Fidelity Edition build 20140804

It’s been a long while since last time updating this. My Xperia Z’s charging circuit is broken and I managed to fix it last month by replacing mainboard. I spent a few weeks trying to make stable audio improvements and god this is so sick. Default configuration is barely stable making little room for improvements. After fiddling with audio-caf and kernel buffer for a long while, I decided to give up on that and wait until new code is merged. I added new audio clock tweak based on what I discovered Note II mod so I hope this’ll somehow make up with 4.4.4 update and yeah MEOW-Kernel and TWRP still work.

-Added audio clock tweaks in kernel
-Added more bionic tweaks
-Applied full strict aliasing in kernel
-Removed audio driver tweaks for time being
-ROM will now use Linaro 4.7 toolchain for stable release
-Updated NDK to most recent version

New audio clock tweaks made me feel like listening to hifi DAP. If you flash another kernel, you’ll lose this tweak so keep that in mind.

-jeroenqui’s Meow Kernel
-TWRP 2.7 Recovery
-Changed audio priority level to highest possible
-Compiled using latest Linaro toolchain version 4.7 and its own NDK
-Compiled with Linaro’s customized O3 optimizations with strict aliasing for both ROM and kernel
-Most strict-aliasing fixes are actual fixes from SlimSaber and my own
-High performance compiler flags optimizations
-Added bionic/framework optimizations from Linaro commits
-Fidelity Driver optimizations having
|-Added board audio optimizations for low latency/fluence/separated audio
|-Increased kernel’s audio clock synchronization frequency
|-Removed start threshold in HAL layer
|-Default sampling rate is set to 44100Hz
|-Reduce number of periods in kernel configuration


This ROM doesn’t come with Google apps so flash it after this ROM if you intend to use them. I hope to update Fidelity Z 7.0 sometimes after updating Note II ROM.