Xperia Z/Tablet Z: Cyanogenmod 11.0 – Fidelity Edition build 20140322

Audio stuttering bug is finally resolved so I can optimize fidelity driver again for optimal sound quality. I also added Linaro optimizations for ROM along with 4.8 toolchain.

-Added full Linaro optimizations in other files like mips/x86
-Fixed bluetooth audio not working with Fidelity optimizations
-Fixed USB audio instability issue
-Improved proper strict-aliasing fix in Alsa Audio
-Kernel will be compiled with 4.7 toolchain and ROM with 4.8 ones
-Re-optimized CM11 Fidelity optimizations again from scratch after audio stuttering being fixed
-Updated NDK and Linaro toolchains to most recent version

Most audio bugs are gone and is working quite well now. Those who missed BT headset and USB audio can now enjoy the music with extreme quality delivered.

-jeroenqui’s Meow Kernel
-TWRP 2.7 Recovery
-Changed audio priority level to highest possible
-Compiled using latest Linaro toolchain version 4.7 for kernel and 4.8 for ROM and its own NDK
-Compiled with Linaro’s customized O3 optimizations with strict aliasing for both ROM and kernel (no strict-aliasing for kernel for now)
-Most strict-aliasing fixes are actual fixes from SlimSaber and my own
-High performance compiler flags optimizations
-Added bionic/framework optimizations from Linaro commits
-Fidelity Driver optimizations having
|-Added board audio optimizations for low latency/fluence/separated audio
|-Increased default buffer size to 4096 to fix stuttering problem
|-Removed start threshold in HAL layer
|-Default sampling rate is set to 44100Hz
|-Reduce number of periods in kernel configuration


This ROM doesn’t come with Google apps so flash it after this ROM if you intend to use them. Using Fidelity Z 6.0 with this ROM is highly recommended but ART is not working with Fidelity Z 6.0 right now so please don’t use ART until I release Fidelity Z 7.0.