Xperia Z/Tablet Z: Cyanogenmod 10.2 – Fidelity Edition build 20131002

This is a big update for Linaro optimizations. Back then I used only Linaro toolchain 4.8 for arm alone as CM10.2 is hardly stable and needs new changes to be applied almost every build. Now it’s quite stable enough to consider going to further steps by using both arm/linux toolchains and also its own NDK for full Linaro experiences. I also fixed TWRP and Bluetooth bugs along with more audio and compiler flags optimizations.

-jeroenqui’s Meow Kernel
-TWRP 2.7 Recovery
-Changed audio priority level to highest possible
-Compiled using latest Linaro arm/Linux Toolchain 4.8 13.09 and its own NDK
-Compiled with Linaro’s suggested O3 optimizations with strict aliasing for both ROM and kernel
-Enabled low latency audio in build configuration
-Fidelity Driver for both system/FM/record/voice call/USB audio having
|-Added 44.1KHz sampling rate support for USB Audio
|-Low-level kernel optimizations for even better low latency audio
|-Set default sampling rate to 44.1KHz for native sampling rate audio processing
|-Optimized buffering and period size for low latency audio


This ROM doesn’t come with Google apps so flash it after this ROM if you intend to use them. Using Fidelity Z 5.0 with this ROM is highly recommended.