Xperia Z: Fidelity Z 3.0 – Even better audio with Cyanogenmod support

Version 3.0 is out now. Lots of changes to be done with for this version. You can flash this on CM10.1 devices now. I tested on stock CM10.1 and it worked fine but I won’t guarantee it’ll work on any CM-based ROMs. Audio quantization is done on extreme level such as superclock frequency (256 times of base frequency) and also support 48KHz for videos. I think 256x is highest possible in existing applications. Speaker is optimized for louder volume but only when xLoud is enabled as some like me prefer original volume without xLoud. I also replaced Cyber-Shot app with volume key capture mod ones for taking underwater shots.

This ROM package works on both global’s stock ROM, DoCoMo’s stock ROM and CM10.1 ROM. For DoCoMo ROM, most of DoCoMo’s added stuff removed and replaced phone features with global ones. You’ll get pretty much like global ROM but with DoCoMo’s SystemUI and Lockscreen.


init.d support
exFAT support*
White Balance support*
S-Force Front Surround 3D*
Torch application
Xperia Tablet Z apps*
Xperia Fidelity script
De-bloated bundle apps
Screen calibration optimized*
PureXAudio with latency/gain tweaks
Mastering 64-bit quantization
Superclock frequency quantization at 256x
build.prop tweaks
Thunderbolt tweaks
Partition remounting
LMK supercharged
Screen-state optimizations
Cyber-shot tweaks
Fast capture camera mod*
Enable Call Recording*
Latest Play Store

*For stock ROM only


-Added 48KHz support for superclock quantization resampler
-Added fast capture volume key mod for taking underwater pictures
-Added missing Backup wizard application for DoCoMo ROM
-Added CM10.1 ROM compatibilities
-Fixed typo in PureXAudio’s asound.conf making configuration fully working
-Merged some new files from PureXAudio v15 into this ROM
-Improved audio upsampling performing quantization at maximum 256x superclock level
-Improved installation management for all kinds of ROM
-Improved white balance calibration for better white tone (only if not flashing on version 10.1.1.A.1.253)
-Optimized speakers to be even louder but only when xLoud is enabled
-Removed built-in Socialife placeholder app
-Removed Cyber-Shot camera app leaving only tweaks alone
-Updated Play Store to version 4.1.6

-Added Sony torch application
-Added Xperia Tablet Z apps
-Fixed Android is upgrading during startup on odexed ROM
-Fixed S-Force Front Surround 3D not working properly
-Improved Alsa configuration using only virtual sound card design for better performance
-Improved init.d script execution for higher level access
-Improved NFC compatibilities for DoCoMo ROM (SO-02E) on global device (C6603)
-Optimized Alsa audio buffer for even lower latency
-Optimized mastering 64-bit floating point quantization for ultimate accuracy of every last detail
-Optimized headphone analog volume for louder sound without distortion (about 15db increase from stock, ideally 10db off from lineout)
-Optimized DSD128 audio processing at 5.6MHz for highest possible resolution before downmixing
-Optimized speaker digital volume for louder sound without clipping (about 5db increase from stock, ideally DAC SNR)
-Reverted dalvik cache optimizations back to Sony’s default as being optimal configuration already
-Updated Play Store to version 4.0.27
-Updated PureXAudio to version 14
-Updated small apps and social apps from Xperia Tablet Z
-Updated more Xperia Tablet Z audio libraries

-Initial release


1. Make your way to access CWM/TWRP recovery.
2. Flash Extreme Fidelity ROM
3. Clear dalvik cache (not cache)
4. Reboot. Wait until you can access home screen and reboot again to reloaded phone with build.prop updates.

None. This is stock ROM-like experiences so you won’t see much of visual changes. You can see some of them from threads I included their work.

Xperia Z: Fidelity Z 3.0


pikachu01, for his Thunderbolt script
ZeroInfinity, for his awesome PureXAudio mods. It’s perfect match with my Xperia Fidelity tweaks for superior audio experiences.
Rizal Lovins, for his long supported Cyber-Shot that improves camera and video capturing experiences.
nicemblem, for his call recording patch. Make sure to click on menu to start recording.
SquallATF, for applying exFAT patch. I’m giving this credit in respect of his initiative.
black97one, for his awesome camera mod by taking pictures from volume keys. Very useful for underwater pictures.
Sony, for awesome ROM and apps