Xperia Z: Cyanogenmod 10.1 – Fidelity Edition build 20130706

It’s been a while waiting for jeroenqui rebuilding his kernel repository so I can cherry pick his patches into latest CM kernel. This version comes with great deal of improvements and optimizations besides updating Cyanogenmod. I added Linaro cortex string handling routines optimizations in bionic optimizations and improved audio optimizations down to kernel level. Try it and be amazed of what Xperia Z is really capable of.

-DooMKernel tweaks applied by jeroenqui (kernel source up to date with CM kernel)
-TWRP Recovery
-Changed audio priority level to highest possible
-Compiled using latest Linaro Toolchain 4.8 and Oracle JDK 7
-Compiled with Linaro’s suggested O3 optimizations with strict aliasing for both ROM and kernel
-Enabled low latency audio in build configuration
-Fidelity Driver for both system/FM/record/voice call/USB audio having
|-Added 44.1KHz sampling rate support for USB Audio
|-Low-level kernel optimizations for even better low latency audio
|-Set default sampling rate to 44.1KHz for native sampling rate audio processing
|-Optimized buffering and period size for low latency audio
-Linaro cortex string handling routines optimizations

Download: | gapps

This ROM doesn’t come with Google apps so flash it after this ROM if you intend to use them. Using Fidelity Z 4.0 with this ROM is highly recommended.