Xperia P: Fidelity GX 3.0 – Smooth GX fidelity experiences (Should also work on other Xperia NXT phones)

Normally I’d download cooked ROMs from forums and trying out to find the best one I prefer. I owned few Android phones back like HTC Desire HD, Galaxy Tab, Nexus S and now Xperia P. Sadly, Xperia P has very few ROM and only one developer keeps maintaining it until ICS release and now ROM was made since. After long desperately waiting hitting refresh every single day hoping to find someone posting cooked ROM, I decided I’d make my own then because I waited long enough. A lot of stuff picked to test and added carefully with optimizations making me think I should release seperate packages soon after finishing this ROM.

As you guys need to install ROM through flashtool then flash custom kernel first to be install this, it’d be pointless to make whole ROM package to re-flash again. I made this package mainly to flash everything I want to use one so suggestions are welcomed. Here’s ROM Patch to get Xperia’s Fidelity and GX experiences.
-Xperia Fidelity script
-Xperia GX/T apps and System UI
-Xperia GX/T sounds and graphics
-build.prop tweaks
-Thunderbolt v2.7.7 tweaks
-Partition remounting optimized
-Supercharger’s patched services.jar
-Optimized LMK supercharged
-SQLite optimized
-Powersave governor during screen-off
-Audio effects bypassed
-Google Now


-Added new apps found in Xperia T apps
-Added Google apps with updated existing ones
-Fixed setting permissions script bug
-Fixed Xperia’s Fidelity script errors in I/O scheduler optimizations
-Optimized build.prop tweaks for better memory management
-Optimized Fidelity script with more partitions’ I/O optimizations and kernel,I/O optimized for lower load/latency
-Optimized system partitions remounting using data from external remounting script in main Thunderbolt script
-Optimized VM’s dirty values and added more governors in list of changing scaling governor during screen-off script
-Removed scaling governor part leaving only optimizations alone in Fidelity script so user can have freedom to choose desired ones
-Updated existing apks to latest working available combined between Xperia GX/T
-Updated niaboc79’s modified Xperia T SystemUI with battery percentage like Xperia P
-Updated Xperia T’s new boot animation
-Updated Xperia T media sounds

-Added changing to powersave governor during screen-off
-Added Location based WiFi feature
-Added Partition remounting optimized for performance (disable barriers/noatime/async 15s commit)
-Added SQLite optimizations on first boot
-Added Supercharger’s LMK patched services.jar with personally optimized LMK supercharged
-Added Xperia GX’s improved boot animation
-Added Zipalign on flashing
-Improved package to be flashable on any ICS ROM
-Rebuilt build.prop tweaks from ground
-Removed bundled apps and some that suck battery-life
-Replaced KA SSpeed tweaks with optimized latest Thunderbolt v2.7.7 optimized with Xperia Fidelity
-Replaced InfinitySound with audio effects bypassed (Hard decision but Fidelity script won’t need it)


1. Flash Xperia P: Fidelity GX in recovery
2. Clear cache and dalvik-cache
3. Reboot
4. Wait for system to stabilize (probably 3-5 mins) and reboot again

pikachu01, for his Thunderbolt script
zeppelinrox, for creating supercharger script and his patched services.jar website
krabappel2548, for his tweaking scripts
r-ikfoot, for his awesome sound patch
niaboc79, for his modified Xperia T SystemUI with battery percentage
cajunflavoredbob, for his Google Now package
Sony, for awesome ROM and apps


If you aren’t using Sony Xperia phones, don’t feel down yet. Soon I’ll release separated CWM packages for tweaks and optimizations so you can test it on yours.