Xperia: Fidelity ZX 13.0 – The last ICS ROM for Xperia P/U/Sola/Go

This ROM was originally from Xperia P: Fidelity ROM as one of the best ROM for Xperia P users. Luckily, methods I use to tweak build.prop allow other devices to be able to installed without messing up original build.prop data so some people managed to get it working on other devices for most of the times. With enough support and contribution from users who use other devices, I can finally make a generalized version of this ROM working for all Xperia Novathor devices (P/U/Sola/Go)

-init.d support
-Xperia Fidelity script
-Xperia T/V/Z apps
-Xperia T/V/Z binary fiies
-Xperia T/V/Z framework fiies
-Xperia T/V/Z library fiies
-Xperia T/V/Z sounds and wallpapers
-Xperia Z Launcher
-Mobile Bravia Engine 2
-Xperia V Sound Enhancements
-JellyBean apps (From Xperia Z 10.1.A.1.434)
-JellyBean Small apps
-Skyfall theme
-Camera Mod Cyber-shot
-build.prop tweaks
-Thunderbolt tweaks
-Partition remounting optimized
-Optimized LMK supercharged
-Screen-state scaling optimizations
-GMail 4.2
-Google Now


-Added working Socialife ported by erorcun
-Fixed help support not working
-Fixed wallpaper being unable to change from default Xperia Z wallpaper
-Fixed wheatley governor slowdown problems
-Optimized row scheduler performance for lower latencies
-Optimized storage I/O for better balance of performance/battery-life
-Removed ICS social apps as now Socialife is main social apps in Xperia Z
-Reverted Home Launcher back to one without auto-rotation (very annoying in bed)
-Updated Facebook Xperia JellyBean proper integration from Xperia Z
-Updated hotplugx as default governor again as recommended in ThP v9 kernel
-Updated improved Xperia Z fonts
-Updated JellyBean files from latest Xperia Z version 10.1.A.1.434
-Updated phone dialer JellyBean mod to recent version
-Updated Play Store to latest ones with new design version
-Updated Xperia Z System UI to ones modded by Ben Ling with better compatibilities
-Updated Xperia Z themes modded by Ben Ling

-Added multimedia tweaks for better image/video encoding/decoding quality and stagefright support
-Added volume cache tweaking for better I/O responsiveness
-Added Xperia Z’s gps configuration hoping to improve GPS for older devices
-Changed recommended governor back to wheatley
-Changed Xperia Z Launcher to 4×4 app drawer for smoother performance in Xperia U
-Fixed some GPS/Maps features not working properly
-Fixed xLoud not being disabled completely
-Increased storage/sd card read ahead cache size from very small value to prevent slow down and memory error on boot
-Improved graphics acceleration tweaks to GPU based rendering
-Improved signal lost disconnection problem by increasing delay value to safer zone
-Improved wheatley optimizations for better battery life
-Reverted dalvik cache configuration to previous values for better compatibilities with lower memory devices
-Reverted some configuration in hotplug/pegasusq back to default for device’s stability and prevent bootloop
-Updated Calculator app with Xperia Z Calaculator port by niaboc79
-Updated JellyBean Roboto font from Xperia Z
-Updated JellyBean shutdown animation
-Updated media profiles from Xperia Z configuration
-Updated NZ6’s Xperia JB Style Framework Theme and SystemUI
-Updated XDA.AGM’s Jelly Bean SemcPhone Port to official Xperia P support version

-Added changing home screen wallpaper to default Xperia Z wallpaper
-Added increasing characters per SMS in messaging app
-Added levered’s Xperia Sola/Go framework patch for compatible framework file
-Added Xperia Z themes modded by Ben Ling
-Disabled xLoud support as it doesn’t work with Xperia V audio effects
-Fixed Anonymous Usage Stats not working properly
-Fixed Bravia Engine 2 not working properly with Bravia Engine 1 running
-Fixed broken HDMI functionality
-Fixed NFC not working properly
-Fixed sleep mode taking long delay to wakeup though it may not be best battery saving option
-Optimized smoother Xperia Z bootanimation and fitting to installed device’s screen
-Reduced storage cache size for better battery life
-Replaced SystemUI with another closer Xperia Z mod ones from Ben Ling updates
-Reverted ICS Alarm and Clock for better compatibility with ICS ROM
-Reverted ICS Facebook apps back for better compatibility with ICS ROM
-Reverted ICS Notes app back as Notes widget won’t recognize JB app
-Reverted scaling frequency optimizations back to default 20000Hz for better compatibility with ThP kernel v8.5
-Updated Conversations app to ones ported by erorcun

-Added hotplugx as default CPU governor (wheatley is still preferred over hotplug)
-Added init.d script support for locked bootloader and kernel without init.d script support
-Added Music/Video Unlimited apps
-Added Xperia Z apps (only Car Home working at the moment)
-Added Xperia Z audio files
-Added Xperia Z wallpaper files
-Fixed Bluetooth media streaming bugs
-Fixed facebook plugins/extensions not working properly
-Replaced ported JellyBean Phonebook with ones from erorcun
-Replaced modded SemcPhone.apk with ones from XDA.AGM with Xperia P updates applied
-Removed patched services.jar as LMK not behaving properly
-Updated build properties optimizations for dalvik and caching
-Updated framework graphics with Xperia Z resources from niaboc79 and XDA.AGM’s work
-Updated Radio app with Xperia Z’s non-headset mod from peetr_
-Updated scaling frequency optimizations for better battery life with hotplug/pegasusq and others
-Updated high quality Xperia Z boot animation
-Updated video camera firmware files from Xperia Z 10.1.A.1.350
-Updated working JellyBean system apps with ones from Xperia Z 10.1.A.1.350
-Updated working JellyBean system binaries with ones from Xperia Z 10.1.A.1.350
-Updated working JellyBean system framework files with ones from Xperia Z 10.1.A.1.350
-Updated working JellyBean system library files with ones from Xperia Z 10.1.A.1.350
-Updated Xperia Z’s System UI modded by destroyy

-Added Changing CPU governor to wheatley (tweaked) if available
-Added new working JellyBean apps
-Fixed Facebook integration not working properly
-Optimized build properties for better battery life
-Optimized kernel tweaks better battery life
-Removed bloated apps
-Reverted SystemUI.apk back to stock Xperia T ones for better compatibilities
-Updated audio effects configuration for completed set of effects
-Updated erorcun’s ported JellyBean Conversations and Lockscreen
-Updated few more JellyBean apps
-Updated ported Z Launcher to version 3.5
-Updated JellyBean Album/Movies/Walkman apps
-Updated JellyBean Contacts/Conversations/Phone apps
-Updated JellyBean Small Apps
-Updated JellyBean Widgets/Timescape
-Updated LMK tweaks based on Thunderbolt 3.0 release (Still my values though)
-Updated mchj’s ported JellyBean Phonebook
-Updated more working JellyBean libraries
-Updated Sai Moon’s ported JellyBean Phone
-Updated tweaks and build configuration based on Thunderbolt 3.0.3 updates

-Added clearing some apps’ data to fix incompatibities
-Added few more tweaks and optimizations in build.prop
-Added working stuff from DooMLoRD’s leaked Xperia T Jellybean ROM
-Added Xperia V audio effects support (Clear Audio+/Clear Stereo/Clear Phase/Dynamic Normalizer)ss
-Added Xperia Z wallpaper
-Fixed applications incompatibilities including FM Radio and Theme Manager
-Fixed BusyBox not being installed properly
-Fixed Mobile Bravia Engine 2 not working properly in previous release
-Fixed Zipalign remounting itself overriding remount script configuration
-Updated I/O scheduler optimizations based on ThP’s recent kernel release
-Updated OOM patched services.jar from build 6.1.1.B.1.75
-Updated OOM optimizations based on recent Thunderbolt’s LMK addon
-Updated working stuff from DooMLoRD’s leaked Xperia T Jellybean ROM
-Updated Xperia Home Launcher to ThilinaC’s proper port from leaked version
-Updated Zipalign script based on recent Thunderbolt

-Changed small apps installation method as doing full wipe will also remove small apps permission
-Fixed bootloop issue after full wipe
-Fixed build.prop modification not working
-Fixed init.d script not working properly
-NFC firmware upgrade is working now
-Updated Fidelity script for better performance
-Removed SQLite optimizations as it tends to show up errors rather than doing the job right
-Removed unstable and buggy CPU leaks apps (Thanks to tester Eason85 for reporting)

-Fixed busybox script not working on device without busybox installed
-Fixed NFC feature not available in Settings
-Fixed restoring CPU frequency on wake to kernel’s default
-Fixed Settings crashing in some features
-Fixed small apps not showing up on device that doesn’t have small apps installed before
-Fixed Xperia T files being deodexed properly
-Improved files permission compatibilities
-Optimized build.prop configuration
-Removed tweaks that override Thunderbolt 2.9.0 updates
-Updated Bravia Engine files from Xperia V
-Updated vendor’s firmware and library files from Xperia V
-Updated more existing library files with compatible ones in Xperia V
-Updated Xperia V apps from ROM version 9.0.1.D.0.10
-Updated Xperia V binary files from ROM version 9.0.1.D.0.10
-Updated Xperia V framework files from ROM version 9.0.1.D.0.10
-Updated Xperia V library files from ROM version 9.0.1.D.0.10

-Added back improved screenstate scaling for better compatibilities and battery-life
-Added camera fix on 6.1.1.B.1.54 ROM using older library files
-Added Camera Mod 4.7.2 Cyber-shot for the best picture experience with Exmor R & HDR
-Added changing CPU governor to hotplug and pegasusq if available
-Added currency, mirror and unit small apps that don’t come with Xperia T ROM
-Added Dalvik’s VM heap optimizations found in Xperia V ROM
-Added completed Xperia T apps and framework files
-Added proper small apps package for ROM version 6.1.1.B.1.54
-Added busybox and init.d scripts support for locked bootloader device
-Added system partition in remounting script
-Added sounds and wallpapers found in Xperia T/V ROM
-Re-based Xperia T files to version 7.0.A.3.223
-Removed by-passing audio effects tweak
-Reverted SystemUI app back to default Xperia T ones with Power Management feature
-Fixed WiFi Hotspot Tethering not working
-Optimized script execution order for optimal performance
-Reduced Fidelity tweaks effectiveness to meet better standards and improved battery-life
-Updated script optimizations based on recent Thunderbolt 2.9.0 updates

-Added clearing init.d scripts on flashing
-Added latest working Xperia T binaries, frameworks and system libraries
-Added Skyfall theme/ringtone/wallpapers
-Fixed sqlite3/zipalign permissions so scripts will be executed properly
-Optimized I/O scheduler for lower latency and better sound quality
-Optimized kernel configuration for better stability
-Optimized VM tweaks
-Updated latest Xperia T apps
-Updated patched services.jar file from build 6.1.B.0.559
-Updated SystemUI to modded Xepria P’s Jellybean style ones by seky0405
-Removed dropping cache and screenstate tweaks

-Added dropping cache on every 1hr as it shouldn’t cause system lag now with improved configuration
-Optimized build.prop for more possible battery-saving
-Optimized Fidelity script for improved battery-life and system’s stability
-Optimized kernel configuration according to IBM’s standards
-Optimized screen-off script for being more efficient and compatible with boot-time
-Optimized VM settings for more battery-life and reliability
-Removed journal_async_commit in remounting script trying to improve storage’s reliability

-Added new apps found in Xperia T apps
-Added Google apps with updated existing ones
-Fixed setting permissions script bug
-Fixed Xperia’s Fidelity script errors in I/O scheduler optimizations
-Optimized build.prop tweaks for better memory management
-Optimized Fidelity script with more partitions’ I/O optimizations and kernel,I/O optimized for lower load/latency
-Optimized system partitions remounting using data from external remounting script in main Thunderbolt script
-Optimized VM’s dirty values and added more governors in list of changing scaling governor during screen-off script
-Removed scaling governor part leaving only optimizations alone in Fidelity script so user can have freedom to choose desired ones
-Updated existing apks to latest working available combined between Xperia GX/T
-Updated niaboc79’s modified Xperia T SystemUI with battery percentage like Xperia P
-Updated Xperia T’s new boot animation
-Updated Xperia T media sounds

-Added changing to powersave governor during screen-off
-Added Location based WiFi feature
-Added Partition remounting optimized for performance (disable barriers/noatime/async 15s commit)
-Added SQLite optimizations on first boot
-Added Supercharger’s LMK patched services.jar with personally optimized LMK supercharged
-Added Xperia GX’s improved boot animation
-Added Zipalign on flashing
-Improved package to be flashable on any ICS ROM
-Rebuilt build.prop tweaks from ground
-Removed bundled apps and some that suck battery-life
-Replaced KA SSpeed tweaks with optimized latest Thunderbolt v2.7.7 optimized with Xperia Fidelity
-Replaced InfinitySound with audio effects bypassed (Hard decision but Fidelity script won’t need it)


1. Reboot to recovery and flash your device’s Small Apps part 1 framework resource file for activation. You can check for device’s part 1 file from Andrewasth’s thread in….php?t=2222368 then reboot until you see stuff bootup. You can skip this step if you don’t bother with Small Apps.
2. Reboot to recovery again (ignore any problems in previous step) and flash Fidelity ROM in recovery. Keep in mind that you have to repeat activating small apps after performing full wipe.
3. Clear cache and dalvik-cache then reboot. If there’s question about disabling recovery flash, answer ‘Yes’.
4. Wait till your phone bootup. You may see NFC firmware being upgraded. After device finished booting up, reboot your phone without doing anything else (or some stuff like Sound Enhancements may not work).

pikachu01, for his Thunderbolt script
niaboc79, for his awesome small apps patch and framework resources
cajunflavoredbob, for his Google Now package
Rizal Lovins, for his Camera Mod 4.7.2 Cyber-shot
ThilinaC, for his smoother port of Xperia Z Launcher
erorcun, for his awesome JellyBean Conversations, Phonebook, Lockscreen and Socialife port
XDA.AGM, for his JellyBean Phone themed port and framework resources
Ben Ling, for his Xperia Z Themes and SystemUI mod
peetr_, for his non-headset Radio port (Still need phone cable semi-plugged for antenna though)
levered, for reporting external storage problems
NZ6, for his awesome Xperia Z’s framework mod for all P/U/Sola/Go
Sony, for awesome ROM and apps