Xperia: Fidelity JB 2.0 – All Fidelity Z updates for Xperia Novathor devices

It’s been a few months since last JellyBean ROM release for Xperia Novathor devices. It was this long because I gave my Xperia P phone to my mom so I have to wait until I get chance to try with real device to update it. This ROM should work on any Novathor devices with JellyBean ROM technically but I only confirmed to test this on Xperia P so use it at your own risks. This release contains all of updates from Fidelity Z ROM along with PureXAudio mods and some fixes for locked bootloader. No Honami apps as usual as they’re from unreleased phone’s dev build being hardly stable and bug-free.

init.d support
S-Force Front Surround 3D
X-Reality Engine for Mobile
PureXAudio ported for Novathor devices
Honami bootanimation
Honami Hero wallpapers
Small apps
Torch application
Xperia Z/Tablet Z apps
Cyber-shot tweaks
Xperia Fidelity script
build.prop tweaks
Thunderbolt tweaks
Partition remounting
LMK supercharged
Screen-state optimizations
Latest Play Store


-Added Honami launcher ported by Ben Ling
-Added PureXAudio with my patches for Novathor devices
-Applied updates from Fidelity Z v5 ROM for Xperia Z with some tweaks for Novathor devices
-Changed init.d script activation method to traditional sysinit as module installation is gone
-Fixed remounting script that cause bootloop on locked bootloader
-Updated fonts from Android 4.3 and Xperia Z
-Updated Play Store to version 4.3.10
-Updated Xperia Z apps from ROM version 10.3.1.A.0.244

-Initial release


1. Make your way to access CWM/TWRP recovery.

2. Flash Fidelity JB ROM

3. Clear cache and dalvik cache

4. Reboot. Wait until you can access home screen and reboot again to reloaded phone with build.prop updates.

pikachu01, for his Thunderbolt script
Rizal Lovins, for his Cyber-shot tweaks from Xperia Z
ZeroInfinity, for his PureXAudio mods
Ben Ling, for his modded Honami launcher for other Xperia devices
Sony, for awesome ROM and apps

Xperia: Fidelity JB v2.0 | Honami Launcher that works on Xperia Sola fix