Xperia: Fidelity JB 1.0 – My first JellyBean ROM for Xperia P/U/Go

This ROM was originally from Xperia P: Fidelity ROM as one of the best ROM for Xperia P users. Luckily, methods I use to tweak build.prop allow other devices to be able to installed without messing up original build.prop data so some people managed to get it working on other devices for most of the times. With enough support and contribution from users who use other devices, I can finally make a generalized version of this ROM working for all Xperia Novathor devices (P/U/Sola/Go)

After Jelly Bean has come to Novathor devices, big thanks to Sony for making user experiences as good as Xperia Z so I can fully focus on improving ROM with unique features below for both locked bootloader and unlocked bootloader.

init.d support
exFAT support
Small apps
Torch application
Xperia Z/Tablet Z apps
Xperia Z fonts/sounds/wallpapers
Mobile Bravia Engine 2
Audiophile 32 bit-depth quantization
Clear Phase
S-Force Front Surround 3D
Cyber-shot tweaks
Xperia Fidelity script
build.prop tweaks
Thunderbolt tweaks
Partition remounting
LMK supercharged
Screen-state optimizations
Latest Play Store


-Initial release


1. Make your way to access CWM/TWRP recovery.

2. Flash Fidelity JB ROM

3. Clear cache and dalvik cache

4. Reboot. Wait until you can access home screen and reboot again to reloaded phone with build.prop updates.

pikachu01, for his Thunderbolt script
Rizal Lovins, for his Cyber-shot tweaks from Xperia Z
erorcun, for his awesome Socialife port
Sony, for awesome ROM and apps

Xperia: Fidelity JB v1.0