Xperia Fidelity 7.0 – Fidelizer’s Android version

I started this project when I owned Nexus S phone trying to optimize system playing very low alsa buffer size for @6ms playback without stuttering. It’s been improving since then even I no longer use Nexus phone as optimizing OS to have with similar goal as what I did in Fidelizer is still possible in Android. So I kept improving things in Xperia phone with satisfying result.

This script will do the following changes for better audio performance:

-Optimize CPU for suitable audio playback ones while still keeping good juice
-Optimize kernel resource scheduling granularity for lower latency and more responsive
-Optimize audio process and I/O priorities from lowest level to real-time level ensuring highest performance of audio processing
-Optimize file I/O scheduling for lower CPU usage and latency with good performance
-Optimize IRQ affinity for multi-core platform
-Optimize real-time clock frequency for high resolution time domain
-Optimize Voodoo Sound configuration for optimal volume and purist without cheap tricks like re-sampling and pseudo anti-jitter mechanics.



1. Boot to recovery and flash file then reboot
2. You should have your phone with audio optimization script. Try playing music and be impressed with performance.


Changelog – I didn’t keep tracking with this development branch during making my own ROM so none 😛


Download: Xperia Fidelity 7.0


This is basically what I copied from my recent ROM having changing governor removed. This can be used on any Android phone without restrictions as long as you meet the requirements and follow instructions correctly. You don’t need to apply this script if you’re already using my ROM.