Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack 6.0 Released

To think a release based on Windows 8 RTM would come this soon… It took me about a month to decide how Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack should be like for Windows 8 RTM. As many of you would agree that cutting Aero in Windows 8 is bad news, I tried several UI and resource concepts based on a mix between previous builds until RTM ones to see how the compromise solution should be like. And here’s the decided solution.

Windows 8 RTM goodies
Quite a disappointment IMO. You have only 2 additional themes (Earth and Flowers) besides default Windows theme and it’s just different set of wallpapers with auto-colorization enabled. It didn’t come with new sounds scheme although Windows 7 has some improvements when launched. At least we can be rejoice with more wallpapers I guess. The rest remains the same from what I check. They somehow refined Segoe fonts a little in final version.

Aero user interface
In order to make Windows 8 having more satisfying user experiences, I brought back Aero despite the fact Microsoft removed it in Windows 8. It’s Aero UI from Windows 8 Release Preview with RTM touches. You will have Aero Frame UI enabled by default in Windows XP and you have 3 themes for Windows 7 (Glass/Metro/Modern). For Windows 8 UX Pack, user can customize theme right from program.

System resource improvements
I spent additional time rebuilding existing ones for better quality. The new start orb looks a lot better with new design and carefully adjusted for top/bottom taskbar with small taskbar support. Shell navigation buttons are rebuild again with attempt to make it looks just like Windows 8 RTM screenshots. Some shell/tray icons are rebuild and refined for better quality. Background graphics are updated from RTM resources.

Some fixes and improvements
It seems I have only fewer and fewer things to be fixed and somehow I missed those bugs lol. Well, better to not meet them again though. This time I improved font installation process to be more secure preventing chance to get cripple UI in case some guys trying to change theme and such during installation. Fixed launcher asking for permission and chance to restart after installation on Windows 8 UX Pack.

Given resource and performance friendly as one of strongest point of my projects, deciding to set Aero and Metro Desktop is a great risk for degrading system performance. I believe computers in today’s standards should be able to handle them quite easily. If you’re concerned about system performance, I suggest you to avoid using Aero Frame UI and Metro Desktop or re-configure without them after installation.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack Product Page
Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.0 (for XP/Vista/7)
Windows 8 UX Pack Product Page
Download Windows 8 UX Pack 6.0 (for Windows 7 only)