Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1

It’s been a long time since last formidable release of Seven Transformation Pack. There isn’t much we can do but wait patiently for something better to inspire us to work harder and do better. Now it’s time to make new standards of the world’s best Windows transformation packs…..”Windows 8 Transformation Pack”.

-Seamless installation and uninstallation giving users safe transformation
-Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
-Designed for all editions of Windows XP/Vista/7 including Server Editions
-Genuine Windows 8 system resources with Metro touches
-Smart system files updating with auto-repair and Windows Update friendly
-Fresh start for Vista/Seven Transformation Pack users with updated Windows 8 themes and resources
-UxStyle memory patching
-Windows 8 themes, wallpaper and logon screen
-UserTile with current user auto-configured on login
-Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
-Aero’s auto-colorization feature
-And much more

Version 9.1
-Added back Iconized Taskbar button for Windows XP
-Added restarting UxStyle on startup to make sure it will always work properly
-Changed default wallpaper to ones shown from leaked Windows Threshold screenshots
-Changed Metro Inspirat theme to authentic Windows 8 RTM Theme by nasrodj
-Changed Windows 7 themes back to Windows 8 RTM Theme by nasrodj
-Removed Aero Frame UI from default configuration for authentic Windows 8 UI looks
-Tweaked Modern/Metro themes with Glass support in Windows 7

Version 9.0
-Changed applying permissions program to cacls instead of icacls
-Changed default Immersive UI to Charms Bar for performance-wise
-Changed system files update detection to warning level that allow installation
-Fixed UxStyle loading improving compatibility
-Updated RocketDock’s Charms Bar start logo
-Removed system files permission applying for smoother installation
-Replaced Newgen Store with Desktop widget

Version 8.1
-Added LiveTuner recommendation (Highly recommended to try since it’s safe and reversible)
-Added some system programs that could be missing in Windows
-Added permission fixes ensuring modified system files will be updated properly
-Fixed UxStyle’s infamous black screen bug that has been identified and dealt with recently
-Fixed installation error on Windows XP x64 Edition OS
-Updated Windows 7’s visual style with ‘Aero 8’ by aymengh99

Version 8.0
-Added betta fish default user logon screen
-Added new Segoe fonts found in Windows 8.1
-Added system files update checking to prevent conflicts with Windows update
-Added Windows 8.1 wallpapers
-Changed Aero Frame UI to be enabled by default if DWM is not detected or running
-Changed Immersive UI back to Newgen with lower memory usage configuration
-Fixed some wallpapers not showing up bug in Windows XP/Vista
-Fixed system files modification breaking Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7
-Fixed WinMetro always running on startup problem
-Improved DWM detection method using API command
-Improved font installation method to be more reliable without causing font cache glitches
-Updated Windows XP’s Metro Inspirat theme with Windows 8.1 updates and some fixes
-Updated Newgen to latest free version 12 Preview #3 with Windows 8.1 themed
-Updated Windows 8.1 graphics and icons in system files
|-Authentic start orb ported
|-Fixed start orb misalignment in Windows XP
|-Logon screen/Shutdown dialog background
|-Minor system icons updated
|-Task Manager themed

Version 7.0
-Added WinMetro as alternative Metro Start Screen
-Changed default Immersive UI to Metro Start Screen (WinMetro)
-Improved sounds scheme files handling method
-Updated Font installation code based on recent patch
-Updated Glass UI theme configuration based on hacked Aero Glass in Windows 8
-Updated Windows 8 Media sound scheme files and resources
-Updated Windows 8 visual style for Windows 7 by Rammist

Version 6.5
-Added ‘Transformation Pack Notes’ in readme about temporary disabling antivirus software
-Changed default Immersive UI back to Charms Bar
-Fixed default user account configuration not checking requirements causing improper configuration
-Fixed font installation using method from version 5.0 with improved API code
-Fixed launcher incompatibilities with limited user account
-Fixed permission problems with 3rd-party applications
-Fixed Windows version checking error that allows installation on Windows 8
-Removed Aero Frame UI from default configuration as some machines find it not stable enough
-Updated Metro Inspirat theme for Windows XP having Modern UI updated on taskbar and start menuVersion 6.0
-Added Windows 8 RTM wallpapers
-Configured Aero frame UI, Metro Desktop UI and Aero’s auto-colorization to be used by default if applicable
-Improved Segoe fonts family installation code for better compatibilities
-Updated Metro Inspirat theme with improved start orb and few adjustments
-Updated Newgen’s start screen background to Windows 8 RTM’s default
-Updated Segoe fonts family from Windows 8 RTM
-Updated TrueTransparency Aero skin rebuilt from Windows 8 RTM resources
-Updated Windows 8’s Explorer toolbar layout configuration
-Updated Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 by wango911 with customized theme files
-Updated system files resources found in Windows 8 RTM
|-Boot Screen (Windows XP)
|-Logon screen background
|-Navigation buttons
|-Network tray icons
|-Shell icons
|-Shell pane background
|-Shutdown/Logoff/Theme dialogs (Windows XP)
|-Start button/orbVersion 5.0
-Fixed Segoe UI font installation compatibilities
-Improved uninstallation compatibilities with Themes removal
-Replaced Windows Vista theme with M-Awesome’s Windows 8 RC
-Replaced Windows 7 theme with thepanda-x’s Windows 8 RC Aero for Windows 7
-Replaced Windows 7 Metro theme with thepanda-x’s Windows 8 RC Aero for Windows 7
-Updated Aero mouse cursors from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated battery tray icons quality from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated branding logo to official ones from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated Explorer toolbar buttons from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated loading circle animation from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated Metro Inspirat theme for Windows XP to version 4.0 from Windows 8 Release Preview with more focus to Metro design
-Updated Newgen Tiles with Windows 8 Release Preview’s default background
-Updated Segoe UI fonts family from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated TrueTransparency skin matching Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated Windows 8 Release Preview logon screen
-Updated Windows 8 Release Preview’s wallpapers

.NET Framework 2.0 – Required for system files transformation (XP/2003 x64 Only).
.NET Framework 4.0 – Required for Windows 8 features like User Tile/Metro UI Desktop/Auto-colorization (XP/Vista Only).
.NET Framework 4.5 – Required for Windows 8 features like User Tile/Metro UI Desktop/Auto-colorization (Win7 Only).

Windows 8 Transformation Pack
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Windows 8 Transformation Pack
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Windows 8 Transformation Pack is outdated!
And been replaced with: Windows 10 Transformation Pack

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