Windows 8 Shows Signs of Growth

Microsoft’s Windows 8 may be the smallest player in the OS competition but you can’t count it off just yet. If last year, Windows 8 has not even recorded a single percentage in total sales of the global tablet OS, this year is different for the Microsoft product. Based on the Global Tablet OS Market Share: Q1 2013 report by Strategy Analytics, there are at least three million (7.4%) Windows 8 tablets sold in the first quarter of this year. Apple iOS remains as the number one brand, followed by Android and Windows.

Windows Mobile was introduced three years ago and was followed by Windows Phone a year after. Both these operating systems are dedicated only for mobile computers. Windows 8 is something that can be used on mobiles and desktops. This means that, on your mobile, you can have all the features and apps that you usually find on desktops. There are significant differences between Windows 8 and past Windows mobile OS. First, it features a new touch user interface and shell based on Microsoft’s “Metro” design language. Applications are represented through dynamically updating tiles which you can sort based on the applications that you usually use or visit. It also uses up and coming computer technologies like near field communications, low-power ARM architecture, 4Kn Advanced Format, cloud computing, and USB 3.0 to rival the features found on Android and iOS.

That 7.4% share by Windows 8 in global tablet sales can improve, especially with the way Microsoft is optimizing Windows 8 features to make it look more suitable for the public. Windows 8 has many gimmicks that the general consumers will definitely enjoy, including free poker games.

Actually, free Windows 8 poker games are more of a strategy instead of just a gimmick. Mobile computers are largely used for mobile games, and among them is poker. Real-money poker games have a huge following, particularly in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. People who can’t go to casinos turn to sites like partypoker to play their favorite game. The mobile betting game industry is expected to grow bigger in a few more years. Smartphones under the Windows 8 platform can be an easy choice for poker enthusiasts. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that new poker games will be made available for Windows 8 and will offer Xbox Live support to allow players to play against real competitors online. Players can somehow use Windows 8’s different type of games to hone their skills. Poker games will be released this spring and will also be available on Windows RT devices.

There are so many things you’ll like about Windows 8. It is just a matter of time before it goes on the same level as iOS and Android. If you want to enjoy the features that Windows 8 brag, you can have it through Nokia, HTC, Huawei, and selected Samsung devices.