Windows 8.1: Uninstall the app from any PC

As you know, Windows 8 allows users to install the same app on any device associated to Microsoft, but with the arrival of the Windows 8.1 that will be announced at the Build conference scheduled for the end of June, a new feature will be integrated that will allow the elimination of all apps from the PC.

All this is possible thanks to the functionality of syncing user account through Microsoft’s cloud platform, one among the new features included in Windows Blue. The software house of Redmond has decided to simplify the management of the apps. In current Windows 8, in order to uninstall an application from your PC, simply click with the right mouse button on that app located on Start Screen and then click on the tile specifically shown in the bottom bar.

However if you look in Windows 8.1 you can remove the app from any PC, and if you decide to uninstall the app only from the current PC, simply select the “Only this PC.”

The upgrade also includes a further amendment to the app: in the taskbar there is no longer the “All apps” options, then to access the list of installed applications, on devices with touch display user will have to use a gesture (swipe from bottom to top), while for users with the mouse, moving the screen on the Start button will reveal a compact size (a down arrow) that, when clicked, will show the list of the apps.