Which app to use in order to customize Windows 8 Home screen Tiles?

On the home screen of Windows 8, the tiles allow you to access the applications that are installed on your computer. If installed software is also present on home, they do not use all the same style and did not look for them.

Microsoft has not seen fit to include a function that alow users to customize the home tile of Windows 8. However the third party and freeware app called OblyTile will allow you to fill this gap.

With OblyTile, you will be able to easily create a tile for any software, shortcut, folder, or Web site. You can customize its name, background color and text and image. The software comes with many preconfigured shortcuts that you can easily add to the Home screen such as: shutdown, system launch tools, etc..

You can download this app from here and if you need a guide on how to configure it you can visit next link where you can find out how to customize your Windows 8 home screen tiles.