Viper Advanced Security for Home – the Best Guards for your Digital Life

I live in a house with teenagers, so whenever I’m roaming around my house, I see my kids glued to the screens of one of the gadgets or the other. It’s like the internet is the food to their lives. I see them become worried sick when we get a bad internet signal. Their world keeps crashing down.

It is not just my kids, but also my wife. She cannot survive a day without her phone or her laptop. Well, as long as she is using it to find recipes to cook delicious meals, I’m not complaining!

However, what made me worried was the vulnerability of my family to be caught with different online threats like viruses, Trojans, and the scariest of them all, identity theft. I was quite perplexed about the issue until I found Vipre Advanced Security for Home.

How does Vipre Advanced Security for Home help you?

The best thing about the Vipre Advanced Security for Home was that it was easy to install. I’m not much of a tech-savvy person, but it was easy for me too. It did not take much time to be installed, and above all, it did not crash my system or make it slow.

Vipre Advanced Security for Home includes a lot of cool features that work best for all Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Vipre Internet Security Pro:

This is what I was in dire need of. It allowed me to have complete Cloud protection, real-time monitoring, website blocker, and that was not all. The anti-rootkit, as well as the mail protection and two-way firewall protection, were all more than enough for what I needed to secure my connection.

Vipre Mobile Security:

Even my toddler would not leave my phone alone. I could not keep a check on him at all times, but Vipre Advanced Security for Home made it easy for me.

The Viper Mobile Security plan came with anti-malware security, privacy explorer, and an intruder alert. What benefitted me most, considering my toddler and his frequent usage of the phone, was activity monitor and lost device protection.

Vipre Antivirus:

Although this one did not come with firewalls, anti-spam, and website blocking features, it was still good enough at cheaper rates.

Vipre Password Vault:

This was like the final code to my security plan. Providing me with added features like automatic login, master password, and military grade encryption, this was my ultimate go-to solution to protect all my passwords.

Sit back and relax…

With Vipre Advanced Security for Home at my disposal, I do not have to worry about all the online scams that used to haunt me, because my children are in a vulnerable stage of life. They might not consider it as a big deal, and think they happen to know it all (like most teenagers do), but they do not.

Vipre Advanced Security for Home has made my life easy. Who’s the daddy now!