Ubuntu OS for Smartphones is Coming

Canonical was finally here to announce a new operating system dedicated to smartphones. The editor of Ubuntu has unveiled its new product yesterday, and it seems that the copy has been carefully prepared. Finally it only remains one problem for this “Ubuntu Mobile” smartphone, find OEM partners.

Canonical is indeed more closer to the philosophy of Windows 8 or MeeGo as Android and iOS. Thus, Ubuntu relies more heavily on touch gestures on the buttons. The system features including slides fingers from the four edges of the screen, with different effects depending on whether they are for some to the opposite edge or not:

  • Swipe from the top of the screen: display notifications
  • Swipe from the right edge of the screen: Switches to the previous application
  • Full swipe from the edge of the screen: display most used applications
  • Full swipe from left: display all open applications
  • Swipe from the bottom of the screen: display controls specific to the active application

More information on this news you can find in this Ubuntu smartphone OS coverage. What do you think about this operating system for smartphones, will it be accepted by users and which companies will support it on their devices?