Yosemite Transformation/UX Pack 3.0 Released – Improved Yosemite experiences

Yosemite Transformation Pack 3.0

To change black theme, right click on ‘Desktop’ and select ‘Personalise’.

Since releasing the completed Yosemite transformation last few months ago, I’ve been keeping tracks of reports and Yosemite updates from developer builds and now is the time that I’ve finished all these works. Reported bugs are fixed, Dock and Taskbar customization is more flexible, more Yosemite wallpapers, Black theme ported for Windows 7/8 and Helvetica Neue font is back without causing trouble in Facebook feeds. This sure is another great release and I’ve fallen for Yosemite UI even more.

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Yosemite updates

Yosemite updates

I’ve got a flu since Malaysia trip with my friends on 11th June until now so I couldn’t do much of work recently. I’m still in recovery but it should be fine in next week. I’ve listed all reported bugs and suggestions and tried to implement them one by one. If all goes well, next version should be something like the above screenshot. There’re still a lot of work need to be done but I’ll try to make it out as soon as I can.