El Capitan Transformation/UX Pack 1.0 Released – Brand new start with massive improvements!

El Capitan Transformation Pack 1.0

After months and months of delay till El Capitan is released, it’s finally here. I’d like to publish with a brand new ‘Finderbar’ project but sadly, Lee is current busy with his real-life stuff and can’t finish the release anytime soon. So I guess we’ll have to wait until next version when he has more time to put his effort onto it.

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El Capitan is here!

El Capitan is here!

It’s been so long since Yosemite Transformation Pack 4.0. The project has been delayed with the development of certain software. None wrote promising ports since Windows XP era. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some cool ports through some engines but my last known stable native port was in XP era.

This time, I and my old friend Lee will join hands once again to make the pinnacle of OS X emulation software, Finderbar. Everything else is pretty much ready. You can expect El Capitan Transformation Pack in next weekend 10.11.2015

Teaser shot of next Yosemite updates

Yosemite Updates Teaser

Due to some difficulties I have with Windows 10 after upgrading, I couldn’t finish up all Windows 10 stuff for Yosemite projects before my birthday so I’ll provide you this teaser shot instead for time being.

I’ll release next Yosemite updates after finishing Windows 10 section. There seem to be a lot of works to be done including clean install Windows 10 again.

Added Transformation/UX Pack Uninstaller

After reviewing feedback for a while. I noticed some people getting uninstaller application removed or corruped making uninstallation a lot of trouble. So I decided to upload separated uninstaller software for cases like this. Please use it at your own caution.

Windows 10 Transformation Pack 3.0 Uninstaller
Windows 10 UX Pack 3.0 Uninstaller
Yosemite Transformation Pack 4.0 Uninstaller
Yosemite UX Pack 4.0 Uninstaller

Sorry for realizing it this late but better than never, right?

Yosemite Transformation/UX Pack 4.0 Released – Now support Windows 10!

Yosemite Transformation Pack 4.0

Please apply Blank navigation pane fixer patch before installing this version.

Happy Valentine everyone. It was also my grandmom’s birthday so I had long talk with cousin until I get back to prepare the release. Sorry it took this long for Windows 10 support. I was patiently waiting and testing whether I could add Windows 10 compatibility using UxStyle and it was yet to be ready for Windows 10 build 9926. So I decided to ship with file patching method like Windows 10 Packs for now. In this release, I updated some graphical changes to look more resemble with real Yosemite UI so I hope you’ll like it.

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