How To Easily Defragment Windows Registry?

All Windows system settings are saved inside a database which is called the registry. It contains information and settings for various parts such as hardware, software, users, and preferences of your PC. The Windows registry is stored in the system on your hard disk. And like any file whenever Windows adds or deletes information in the registry, it becomes a little more fragmented. After that the data is physically scattered all over your hard drive .
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How to save storage space on your laptop?

It’s easy to forget that your laptop has limited space until you find yourself getting endless warnings about low memory. Obviously you can’t just go around deleting things you need, so try out these less drastic alternatives. Continue reading “How to save storage space on your laptop?”

OS X Mavericks UX Patcher released to solve Windows 8 and font problems

Sorry for late release as it took quite a while to figure out what really happened and solve it thoroughly. It appears Windows 8 has system files protection in almost everywhere related to system so Branding no longer works as Windows activation uses it. New Internet Explorer updates broke iexplore.exe so I have to remove it along with ieframe.dll file. Facebook font problem is not solved by substituting ‘Lucida Grande’ with ‘Lucida Sans’. Not sure if this is the most optimal for everyone so report if it’s still not good enough so I can change it in upcoming 2.0 release.

Download: OS X Mavericks UX Patcher 1.0

OS X Mavericks Transformation/UX Pack Released – The best OS X Mavericks experiences is now

OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack

UPDATE 3: Patch for Windows 8 released. This will solve most of not all Windows 8 problems related to system files. This will also solve font problems in Facebook too.

UPDATE 2: For users encountering strange problems using OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack in Windows 8, please consider using OS X Mavericks UX Pack for time being. I’m aware of reported problems and most of them are related to modifying some system files having memory lock protection so using OS X Mavericks UX Pack won’t suffer this issue. They both shared the same user experiences and functional improvements. The only advantages of OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack is having graphical updates applied to system files.

UPDATE 1: Due to my clumsiness, I set applying installed programs’ permissions to Program Files’ native path so x64 OS having those files installed in x86 ones won’t have updated permissions making all changes remain the same after reboot. So I uploaded permissions fix patch and update main mirrors with this issue resolved.

You may wonder why there’s no update for Lion Transformation/UX Pack since release. Actually, I made updates but circumstances won’t allow the right time to release it. At first I planned to release 2.0 after next Windows 8 update but there’s Mountain Lion and Windows 8 coming back then. As for Windows 8, I have yet to see such OS X theme that I want to use it myself so I wait and wait until all the pieces come together and now is the time and it’s such opportunity to release it as my birthday present for everyone.  🙂

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Windows 8 Shows Signs of Growth

Microsoft’s Windows 8 may be the smallest player in the OS competition but you can’t count it off just yet. If last year, Windows 8 has not even recorded a single percentage in total sales of the global tablet OS, this year is different for the Microsoft product. Based on the Global Tablet OS Market Share: Q1 2013 report by Strategy Analytics, there are at least three million (7.4%) Windows 8 tablets sold in the first quarter of this year. Apple iOS remains as the number one brand, followed by Android and Windows.
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