Fidelizer 6.1 Released – Some fixes and improvements

Fidelizer Pro 6.1

After releasing 6.0 for a month, I received feedback about software from both free version and Plus/Pro version. To make Fidelizer becoming more completed and meet users’ expectations, I’m releasing version 6.1 fixing and improving things upon request below.

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Reminder: Fidelizer Upgrade Program’s introductory discount for multiple license purchase

To celebrate the launch of Fidelizer Upgrade Program, I added 25% off for next purchase of the same product in favor of JPLAY platform that may require 2 machines running Fidelizer Pro in agreement. This is introductory offer as for my birthday gift and will be gone after 31st August. If you use JPLAY as Control/Audio PC, you’d better not missing this chance.

Fidelizer 6.0 Released – Big release that comes with even better upgrade

Fidelizer 6.0

As you’re aware that there’ll be upgraded version of Fidelizer in upcoming release. However, it doesn’t decrease the quality of works I put into original Fidelizer one bit. Version 6.0 comes with big changelog fixing various issues found thorough the year. It also have some changes and improvements to be more stable and reliable. If you enjoy good sound from Fidelizer and want more for the better, consider Fidelizer upgrade program to advance your computer audio journey to the next step.

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Fidelizer upgrade program in works

Fidelizer upgrade program

As some people asked me from time to time about Fidelizer upgrade, current version has already done almost everything I could think of without modifying system. To extend the support and improvements, I decided to launch Fidelizer upgrade program starting from upcoming version 6.0 which should probably be released on my birthday. You’ll receive the benefits of Fidelizer upgrade program like this.

-Permanent system optimizations improving audio performance and compatibility with Fidelizer
-Support extended to computer audiophile server build
-No more anti-theft to protect software from being secretly integrated in other projects

These are main reasons for upgrade program. Unlike free version designed to work on ordinary PC that I can just release and forget about it, this upgrade program won’t be free because I need to put extra time and effort to support users’ needs and issues. But I can assure you that it will be fair price that should be acceptable for audiophiles.