LiveTuner beta 1 – first working build for system optimizations


At last the first beta build got published. It works for registry optimizations part as described below. I don’t wanna pile up old, not working and bad tweaks so I’ll stick with safe and stable to apply ones for now. I tested on my dad’s intel CPU and my brother’s AMD CPU and they both worked pretty fine to me.

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Windows X Optimizer project report #2

Windows X Optimizer

Last night I finished picking and arranging tweaks for customization. I also decided the official name for this project as ‘LiveTuner’. I think I’ll stick with previous customization I’ve shown you before but I’ll revise the design for better flexibility and ease of use. These are the main concepts for optimizations in each part.

Main optimizations: SSD, disable autorun for XP security, some OS tweaks
CPU: L2 cache and some worker thread optimizations
Memory: Low/High memory mechanism tweaks, paging and caching
Device: Worker thread boost and pool optimizations
Application: Multimedia/Networking tuning, priority tweaks, application-specific tweaks

Most of them should make effective optimizations improving system performance and utilization. I think I should be able to make some working build tomorrow for system optimizations part alone. Stay tuned!

Windows X Optimizer project report #1

Windows X Optimizer

After project announcement, I came up with a few designs for how application should manage the optimizations. It’s pretty tough decision as design approach kept being revised each time I choose tweaks to customize. The above screenshot is current design to see how user can customize the optimizations. Your feedback would be appreciated to affirm the decision.

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Xperia Z: Fidelity Z 6.0 – More ‘Honami’ experiences and ultimate resolution sound

Fidelity Z v6 screenshot

It’s been a long while since last 5.0 release. I spent most of the time adding Honami apps that works with CM ROM since Sony apps are so good to miss. Now it’s ready having recent media apps and launcher with widgets and such. I also updated new audio mods for ultimate resolution running 64-bit with Ultraclock frequency (1024x!) It sounds like nowhere the phone could ever be combined with CM Fidelity ROM and audio effects disabled for lowest possible software latency. Version 6.0 works with Xperia Tablet Z models without sound bugs now.

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