Galaxy Note II: Cyanogenmod 11.0 – Fidelity Edition build 20140708

It’s been a long while since last time I cooked my own ROM to use. My Xperia Z broke months back and I’ve just got time to cook a new ROM on my current Note 2 phone recently with full Linaro optimizations including strict aliasing and audio optimizations.

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LiveTuner 3.1 – Bug fixes and some refinements

LiveTuner 3.1

After major changes in design and UI from 3.0, there’s some mistakes made during the process like disabling paging executive that I swapped flag due to confusion with text in UI. Now this bug is fixed and I also made some changes for Online Gaming for better gaming performance.

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LiveTuner 3.0 – New design with analysis

LiveTuner 3.0

Like Steve Jobs used to say most Apple products will reach its maturity after 3 generations, LiveTuner 3.0 has now reached its maturity with feedback and improvements. In this version, you’ll get to see most of customized tweaks before applying with analysis page providing tweaks transparency. It’s a lot of work to provide good insights while keeping it simple but this should clear all the doubts about how it optimizes your system now. I also redesigned program UI following flat and metro concepts.

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LiveTuner 2.0 – Improved optimizations with more features

LiveTuner 2.0

From feedback I received from first stable build, I made some small changes  in optimizations according to users’ report like re-enabling SuperFetch to make ReadyBoost working, fix startup process always holding itself without doing anything, add livetuner.log so that I can analysis what prevents LiveTuner from completing the optimizations and revised file caching a little for better stability and scalability.

I also added some new features like ‘Computer Audiophile Server’ application optimizations, lowering Windows Defender service priority to for old machines and readme section to provide information about software itself. You can update to version 2.0 directly without uninstalling previous version first and make sure to verify selected options before updating.

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Xperia Z/Tablet Z: Cyanogenmod 11.0 – Fidelity Edition build 20140322

Audio stuttering bug is finally resolved so I can optimize fidelity driver again for optimal sound quality. I also added Linaro optimizations for ROM along with 4.8 toolchain.

-Added full Linaro optimizations in other files like mips/x86
-Fixed bluetooth audio not working with Fidelity optimizations
-Fixed USB audio instability issue
-Improved proper strict-aliasing fix in Alsa Audio
-Kernel will be compiled with 4.7 toolchain and ROM with 4.8 ones
-Re-optimized CM11 Fidelity optimizations again from scratch after audio stuttering being fixed
-Updated NDK and Linaro toolchains to most recent version

Most audio bugs are gone and is working quite well now. Those who missed BT headset and USB audio can now enjoy the music with extreme quality delivered.

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