Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack 7.0 Released

It’s been a few months since Windows 8 officially gone live. I couldn’t believe it myself that I failed to notice in sounds scheme changes in Windows 8 after days of 6.5 release so I waited for a while to have more updates to push in one go. This should give you better Windows 8 user experiences reflected from real Windows 8 environment.

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Improve your Windows browser with Explorer++

Since its introduction many years ago, replacing the classic and forgotten File Manager or Windows Explorer has become the backbone of the system and the native solution to perform file operations such as copying, deleting or moving documents and folders.

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Fidelizer 3.0 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

Finally, some Fidelizer updates after long pause since 2.1. I’ve revised and tried other approaches for dozen times messing around system while not making permanently changes. If this goes on, it’ll be forever until I get worn out with computer audio. So I decided to settle with what I tried earlier this year. It’s quite simple approach but effective while retaining natural transient of harmonics.

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