New Mac updates coming soon…

New Mac updates screenshot

Most reported problems are taken care off such as annoying corner screen activation and iOS font issues with some websites. Windows 8/8.1 fans should be happy with this new sleek UI without cluttered Ribbon panel. Some requested original OS X icons back but I’m still reluctant to do so if there’s anything you want to suggest, do it now!

OS X Mavericks Transformation/UX Pack 2.0 Released – Proper release with Windows 8.1 updates

OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack

UPDATE: Windows 8/8.1 patch for OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack 2.0 is released reverting improper patched files fixing ‘Change adapter settings’ and network tray icon malfunction bugs.

At first I planned to release this on X’Mas but considering previous version having critical problems like breaking Windows 8 activation, it’s better to release as soon as possible. Sorry I didn’t use Windows 8 back then so testing in virtual machine won’t know whether it breaks or not without being activated. In this release, all reported bugs are taken care off. Windows 8 x86 can use theme without trouble now Windows 8.1 is officially supported with start button modified for OS X ones as well. Upgrading to version 2.0 will also fix breaking activation bug without the need to applying patch or uninstall so it’s highly recommended to upgrade immediately.

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OS X Mavericks UX Patcher released to solve Windows 8 and font problems

Sorry for late release as it took quite a while to figure out what really happened and solve it thoroughly. It appears Windows 8 has system files protection in almost everywhere related to system so Branding no longer works as Windows activation uses it. New Internet Explorer updates broke iexplore.exe so I have to remove it along with ieframe.dll file. Facebook font problem is not solved by substituting ‘Lucida Grande’ with ‘Lucida Sans’. Not sure if this is the most optimal for everyone so report if it’s still not good enough so I can change it in upcoming 2.0 release.

Download: OS X Mavericks UX Patcher 1.0

Ubuntu OS for Smartphones is Coming

Canonical was finally here to announce a new operating system dedicated to smartphones. The editor of Ubuntu has unveiled its new product yesterday, and it seems that the copy has been carefully prepared. Finally it only remains one problem for this “Ubuntu Mobile” smartphone, find OEM partners.
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Midori: The Secret Operating System From Microsoft, Still In Development

For several years, Microsoft researchers are working on a new operating system. Known as Midori, this new OS is based on the work initiated by Microsoft Research Singularity in 2003. The goal is to completely rethink the Windows operating system as designed today in order to fill the gaps, whether bugs or errors caused by plugins or drivers. These weaknesses result from a thought architecture in the 60s and 70s, which would not have changed since then. Midori is not based on the NT kernel, but on a new microkernel.

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