LiveTuner beta 4 – Testing before making stable build branch

LiveTuner beta 4

As some people reported in beta 3 about Steam games problems, I decided to release another beta build to see if this will solve reported problem. Skrell, please let me know if Steam games work fine after applying LiveTuner beta 4 optimizations. I also made some other changes in this beta as I intended to publish stable ones below.

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LiveTuner beta 3 – One last push before stable release

I’m packing for a trip with my dad this afternoon so this is probably the last beta build. I should be able to finish proper release by the time I get back home again next week. During beta 2 build, I also made some tests in certain popular forum since they are requesting for benchmark.

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LiveTuner beta 2 – some refinements with main features completed


After test beta 1 for a while, I noticed great performance boost as if my laptop gets doped after testing it myself. However, it also broke some apps and compiling Android ROM is little intensive to system so I made some changes to improve system optimizations below:

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LiveTuner beta 1 – first working build for system optimizations


At last the first beta build got published. It works for registry optimizations part as described below. I don’t wanna pile up old, not working and bad tweaks so I’ll stick with safe and stable to apply ones for now. I tested on my dad’s intel CPU and my brother’s AMD CPU and they both worked pretty fine to me.

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Windows X Optimizer project report #2

Windows X Optimizer

Last night I finished picking and arranging tweaks for customization. I also decided the official name for this project as ‘LiveTuner’. I think I’ll stick with previous customization I’ve shown you before but I’ll revise the design for better flexibility and ease of use. These are the main concepts for optimizations in each part.

Main optimizations: SSD, disable autorun for XP security, some OS tweaks
CPU: L2 cache and some worker thread optimizations
Memory: Low/High memory mechanism tweaks, paging and caching
Device: Worker thread boost and pool optimizations
Application: Multimedia/Networking tuning, priority tweaks, application-specific tweaks

Most of them should make effective optimizations improving system performance and utilization. I think I should be able to make some working build tomorrow for system optimizations part alone. Stay tuned!