Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack 6.5 Released

It’s been a week since Windows 8 officially gone live. I’ve been looking all this time since 6.0 release until Windows 8 officially gone live for something better, something to improve user experiences like updated themes and applications. But sadly, no better alternatives released since 6.0. Hence, I’m releasing 6.5 as refreshed build fixing problems in 6.0 instead.

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Midori: The Secret Operating System From Microsoft, Still In Development

For several years, Microsoft researchers are working on a new operating system. Known as Midori, this new OS is based on the work initiated by Microsoft Research Singularity in 2003. The goal is to completely rethink the Windows operating system as designed today in order to fill the gaps, whether bugs or errors caused by plugins or drivers. These weaknesses result from a thought architecture in the 60s and 70s, which would not have changed since then. Midori is not based on the NT kernel, but on a new microkernel.

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Office 2013 RTM Available

Code named Office 2013 or a New Office – is now finalized. Microsoft announced that it had reached the milestone of the Release to Manfacturing (RTM). The test phase has ended and the Redmond company will take care of the dissemination of the various distribution channels.

In Mid-November, the Office package will be available for professionals, TechNet and MSDN subscribers. General availability is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.

From October 19, users who purchase Office 2010 will still receive coupons in order to subsequently switch to Office 2013 for free.

Microsoft points out that buyers of devices under Windows RT (ARM version of Windows 8) will be entitled to a preview integrated suite.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled the pricing of the new Office and the inauguration of a subscription service. Since mid-July, Microsoft offers test of a Customer Preview the new Office.

Xperia: Fidelity GX 4.0 – Improved battery life, performance, stability and audio performance

After releasing 3.0 with tons of new extreme tweaks, I experienced some serious system issues few days after. Not that I haven’t tested it before but maybe I was lucky to not get into anything serious for 2-3 days before releasing it and I didn’t use that much on those days. Now optimizations are finely tuned again and things should work right and better. Soon I’ll release seperate packs for other devices after Windows 8 projects updated.

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Xperia P: Fidelity GX 3.0 – Smooth GX fidelity experiences (Should also work on other Xperia NXT phones)

Normally I’d download cooked ROMs from forums and trying out to find the best one I prefer. I owned few Android phones back like HTC Desire HD, Galaxy Tab, Nexus S and now Xperia P. Sadly, Xperia P has very few ROM and only one developer keeps maintaining it until ICS release and now ROM was made since. After long desperately waiting hitting refresh every single day hoping to find someone posting cooked ROM, I decided I’d make my own then because I waited long enough. A lot of stuff picked to test and added carefully with optimizations making me think I should release seperate packages soon after finishing this ROM.

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