Fidelizer 6.4 Released – New website, new outlook

Fidelizer Pro

At last, a new home in website. Now I can focus making dedicated contents to Fidelizer and related audiophile projects since some potential customers are tormented by of ads from my original website hosting freeware projects. In new website, I focus only on what users want to read, what they want to see, and what they want to understand.

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Fidelizer 6.3 Released – Now works properly on Windows Server Core

Fidelizer 6.1

I got report about Fidelizer not working on Windows Server 2012 R2 in Core mode recently. Thanks to Audiophile Optimizer bringing back MMCSS and Kernel Streaming to Server Core OS. However, Phil doesn’t bring back to Core edition anymore in recent version thus Fidelizer couldn’t utilize certain feature and caused error message. This version will fix this issue by checking whether it is implemented before executing.

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Fidelizer 6.2 Released – Now sings better in quad core

Fidelizer 6.1

After releasing previous Fidelizer updates, I heard a lot of good feedback and suggestions to be done in next release. But since feedback mostly came from Fidelizer Pro  customers, my main focus has also shifted to Fidelizer Pro. Still, there’s something good that could be shared with other versions and it sounds better too.

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Fidelizer 6.1 Released – Some fixes and improvements

Fidelizer Pro 6.1

After releasing 6.0 for a month, I received feedback about software from both free version and Plus/Pro version. To make Fidelizer becoming more completed and meet users’ expectations, I’m releasing version 6.1 fixing and improving things upon request below.

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Reminder: Fidelizer Upgrade Program’s introductory discount for multiple license purchase

To celebrate the launch of Fidelizer Upgrade Program, I added 25% off for next purchase of the same product in favor of JPLAY platform that may require 2 machines running Fidelizer Pro in agreement. This is introductory offer as for my birthday gift and will be gone after 31st August. If you use JPLAY as Control/Audio PC, you’d better not missing this chance.