Fixing corrupted font installation with older version of Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Although nobody reported me or website about having font installation issue or system UI being messed up after installing Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.5. However, this bug is still serious and it’s almost impossible even for power user to fix this themselves without proper tools prepared so I decided to release a patch that solves this problem for older and unfortunate users. Most people won’t normally experience this problem as they’re following long term instructions closing other applications and not doing anything during transformation. Weird chance of getting this serious trouble is almost zero for them and It took me this long just to figure out how to trigger this problem (and hardly one of ten to get that) and made proper patch to solve this.

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Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack 6.5 Released

It’s been a week since Windows 8 officially gone live. I’ve been looking all this time since 6.0 release until Windows 8 officially gone live for something better, something to improve user experiences like updated themes and applications. But sadly, no better alternatives released since 6.0. Hence, I’m releasing 6.5 as refreshed build fixing problems in 6.0 instead.

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Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack 6.0 Released

To think a release based on Windows 8 RTM would come this soon… It took me about a month to decide how Windows 8 Transformation/UX Pack should be like for Windows 8 RTM. As many of you would agree that cutting Aero in Windows 8 is bad news, I tried several UI and resource concepts based on a mix between previous builds until RTM ones to see how the compromise solution should be like. And here’s the decided solution.

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