Saving bandwidth with PDF Compressor software

I’ve been checking piled up mails recently and found this software quite useful. When I I download PDF documents from mobile, it took a long while to read. Making file smaller for better portability would be nice. And it’s free.

PDF Compressor aims to solve a common problem of today’s electronic documentation. The majority of currently existing PDF files contains nothing but scanned copies of corresponding paper documents. Since the content of such files is mostly images, scanned PDF documents can sometimes be quite large, to a point when sending them in emails or via Skype becomes almost impossible. PDF Compressor allows its users to quickly compress such oversized PDF documents, enabling easier handling and significantly reducing disk space they take up.

The interface of the program is focused solely on the main function: making the compression process as streamlined as possible. It requires neither Adobe Acrobat nor Acrobat Reader to function. File size reduction is achieved by applying image compression algorithms to scanned PDF documents. By tweaking the Compression Quality and DPI settings, users are able to achieve an average compression ratio of 23% with just a slight loss of quality. Depending on chosen settings, lossless compression is also a viable option.

The most prominent feature of PDF Compressor is a competent batch mode. Users can add as many files and folders as they wish, allowing the tool to reduce the size of multiple scanned PDF documents in just one go. It is possible to save the compressed files to any folder of the user’s choice without overwriting the existing source documents.

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