Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless charging requires an additional accessory

If the new Samsung Galaxy S4 finally has more or less the same characteristics mentioned in the rumors, it was a little disappointing knowing that it does not have wireless charger. Of course, wireless charging is definitely there, but not exactly what most consumers expect, for example a charger that is included in the box is the same one that is included with other smartphones, no matter in which country you buy it.

However in order to make wireless charging possible on your Galaxy S4 you will need to install an additional accessory at the back of your device. Unlike Droid DNA and Nexus 4 that has built-in wireless charger, the Galaxy S4 need an additional equipment that is sold separately. This is really disappointed knowing that you spent so much money on best smartphone today, and you don’t have the latest charging technology built-in. In addition, it seems that this accessory is only available in some countries.

Therefore, the question that arise among users is will this additional accessory that will be installed on Galaxy S4 be compatible with all Galaxy S4 versions? Especially because Samsung offer different models in different countries, as was the case with the Galaxy S2 and others models. The answer is Yes, it will work with any Galaxy S4 model.

Many users will however be incredibly disappointed knowing that they need to spend an additional hundred dollars to get this feature and will most probably bypass it and use usual charger. If you are one of those users, and you are after quality charger for you Galaxy S4 I suggest you to try find it on this website which has a huge collection of chargers for Samsung Galaxy S4 including the Wireless charger I mentioned before. If you decide to buy Wireless charger or Drop Ship Laptop Screens, we would love to hear your opinions about it.