Rumor: Google and Motorola prepare their X-Phone

Google prepare with Motorola the output of a smartphone called X-Phone. It is, for now, a rumor but the U.S. firm had the intention to attack frontally Apple and Samsung in the market for mobile telephony.

For now, Google has not ventured alone in the market for mobile devices. Samsung, HTC or even LG have so far harnessed to support the hardware of Android smartphones. However, the situation could change in the coming months as the U.S. giant had the intention to produce its own unit.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will build on the skills to develop a new Motorola smartphone called X-Phone. The first data advanced by the newspaper indicate the presence of a flexible screen and a panoramic camera with autofocus.

This smartphone would be the first warning shot in the direction of competition since tablet could follow thereafter. Again, little information is provided and the code name of this device is X-Tablet. If Google decides to invest in this field, the Mountain View company directly address other manufacturers like Samsung or Apple to avoid the emergence of new competitors using the front house OS (Android).