Reviving Windows Optimizer project

Windows X Optimizer

Windows X Optimizer

Finally, time to lit some fire of passion to revive some dead projects. After years of Windows optimizations for audiophile nirvana, I’ve accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge to squeeze out every inch of Windows system for best possible sound quality. Just now, my dad’s asked me why I stopped updating this project. After some lengthy consideration, I decided to revive this project with current knowledge and perspectives I have put into audiophile music server with fashional with my current UX’s style.

The first software I made and published to the internet was PC Tweak 2001 in website. I was using very slow PC took all hints I could find to improve its performance. I continued developing this project until Optimizer XP that won National Software Contest award without proper programming skills at all. I felt like I cheated and wanted to return the award back then. Later i found most of my tweaks are obsolete after Windows XP and Vista so I stopped updating it.

Back then I just grabbed random tweaks I found and put them altogether but know I learnt a lot more with own experiments and grasp better understanding of its fundamentals of modern Windows platform. I think it’s good time to make some good optimizations tool to use in my work machine. I’ll try to keep it in UX style’s fashion for simplicity without touching actual tweaks from user’s side. Program will determine proper tweaks based on machine’s hardware like CPU frequency/cores and memory size. User may have to pick some options to adjust some specific tweaks.

This project has just started and and I have to review over hundreds of tweaks I put into my own music server project and pick applicable ones for this tool. Any suggestions are welcome and I hope to build this one good as much as possible for everyone.