Ubuntu OS for Smartphones is Coming

Canonical was finally here to announce a new operating system dedicated to smartphones. The editor of Ubuntu has unveiled its new product yesterday, and it seems that the copy has been carefully prepared. Finally it only remains one problem for this “Ubuntu Mobile” smartphone, find OEM partners.
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Fidelizer 3.0 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

Finally, some Fidelizer updates after long pause since 2.1. I’ve revised and tried other approaches for dozen times messing around system while not making permanently changes. If this goes on, it’ll be forever until I get worn out with computer audio. So I decided to settle with what I tried earlier this year. It’s quite simple approach but effective while retaining natural transient of harmonics.

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Xperia P: Fidelity VX 7.0+ – Finalized with stable Xperia T/V experiences

This is Xperia P ROM re-based with latest Xperia T/V files and features. You’ll find completed Xperia T user experiences with this ROM and smoothness that no one can offer with unrivaled high fidelity audio reproduction with specialized system optimizations. Works for both locked and unlocked bootloader without trouble and surely the best ROM you can get for completed Xperia T experiences.

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