OS X progress updates

Desktop with new 3rd-party apps

After testing out a few apps with consideration about features/performance in mind, I think I’ll settle with them for new features in upcoming project. Many people requested for Mac’s Finderbar but I found its usability is real bad in Windows. And many others are more like old apps for decoration rather than being really useful in Windows.

As I found XLaunchpad actually more practical than Windows 8 without clicking twice to run pinned app from start screen, I think I will stick with them for real instead of annoying start screen. Plus, these new features are implemented with the same access from real Mac OS X Mountain Lion. You can move cursor to top left for Launchpad and Bottom left for Dashboard like real ones. Launchpad won’t override with start screen’s desktop mode on top left corner and you can access start screen by clicking after moving mouse to bottom left so there’re all good with Windows 8 right now.

If you have any bugs left unfixed in Lion Transformation/UX Pack, please inform me again in this post so I can recheck better.