New leaks appear for Moto X: Camera and User Interface

At an event which is organized for August 1, Motorola will unveil his much awaited Moto X, but for those who can’t wait for that even, the net new details have emerged about the main camera of the device and the user interface that will characterize the relative Camera application.

According to the leak released by Android Police, the terminal would be equipped with an intelligent control and convenience of the app through gesture and a slow-motion mode. The Moto X camera on the back will have a 10.5 megapixel sensor, while the front will have 2.1 megapixel. The user interface is specifically designed for this device, and is characterized by a minimal graphics, and relies more on the gesture then on virtual buttons.

The user will have a system able to show the gallery of images by using a swipe to the right, and with a swipe on the opposite side it will be brought to show the settings. Another interesting information emerged from the leak is that you will be able to capture video in slow motion, and the ability to launch the camera without the need to press any button, by simply turning your wrist, even when the device is in standby mode.

There is also a Panorama mode with the ability to take a single photo with a touch of the display and multiple photos by holding down your finger on the display, as well as initiate the zoom with a swipe to the up or down. If these leaks are confirmed in next few days, Motorola have created an interface for the camera which is quite different from those currently available on smartphones and those launched in the past.

Source: DeviceMondo Moto X Coverage