My Wondershare PDFelement review

PDFelement - Review 2

I’m in need of good PDF software for managing and reviewing PDF documents and Wondershare just come to me at the right time to take an offer to review PDFelement software. Let’s see how good it works together.

First, let’s start with the installation. It doesn’t seem to contain any secret bundles except participating customer’s improvement program here.

PDFelement - Review 1

After the installation, let’s start using it. The first impression gave me Metro vibes. It looks clean and easy to use with Ribbon UI. I’m not a fan of Ribbon UI but it looks more comfortable to use than Microsoft’s design in my opinion.

PDFelement - Review 2

Let’s start with some heavy graphical PDF document like Class of Heroes 2 PDF guide I have here. It was detected as scanned documented and offer OCR scan. Let’s see how good it works.

PDFelement - Review 3

OCR is additional plugin that requires another license purchase. It’s pretty big file with 189MB file size. No surprising to see how well it scanned the whole 19 pages in abiout one minute with only few minor errors. I can search and find information I want without trouble. It blends so well with background enough to make me forget it was OCR document.

PDFelement - Review 4

There’s also thumbnail, bookmark, annotation and search on the left side for easier access. I find it pretty convenient for looking up through thumbnails.

PDFelement - Review 5

Let’s try adding some notes. I plan to make my Gunner a Ninja first so I’ll add a note on job title to make sure I won’t forget it. It looks like I can use multiple fonts on the same text item but I find some fonts not working with this software. It can render in selection list but it doesn’t change the item’s font.

PDFelement - Review 6

There’s also Page, Form and Protect controls offering quite full features for making and editing PDF documents for various kinds of jobs including contract signing documents. But since I’m no expert in dealing with this stuff so I can’t give a good wrap up about them.

I also tried export to office document functions and they worked pretty well for both image and text PDF. HTML controls seem to be out-dated and not working with current version of Chrome. Maybe it was designed for Internet Explorer.

I think PDFelement works pretty well for most of my needs. Its OCR is quite reliable with only small errors even on graphical. I hope they’ll update the software to catch up with Windows 10 standards soon. It’ll be my main PDF software from now on.