Midori: The Secret Operating System From Microsoft, Still In Development

For several years, Microsoft researchers are working on a new operating system. Known as Midori, this new OS is based on the work initiated by Microsoft Research Singularity in 2003. The goal is to completely rethink the Windows operating system as designed today in order to fill the gaps, whether bugs or errors caused by plugins or drivers. These weaknesses result from a thought architecture in the 60s and 70s, which would not have changed since then. Midori is not based on the NT kernel, but on a new microkernel.

Zdnet reports that Microsoft has recently reference to Midori on summit OOPSLA 2012. The editor of Redmond presented a study (PDF) describes an extension to the C# language, so that it supports data parallelism, that is to say that the memory consumption of a software is not affected by another application running. Midori also propose a sandbox mode for all applications to the partition for better security.

Microsoft has also announced that they are offering jobs for a software engineer to oversee the development of a new programming model. The company says that a new operating system is developed by 99% of C# language.