Microsoft shows officially Windows 8.1 changes

On his official blog Microsoft have introduced some of the new features for Windows 8.1, the major update that Microsoft is preparing for their Windows 8 operating systems later this year.

Windows 8.1 will continue with the bold vision of the new operating system Microsoft released in late October last year to offer consumers the best experience on the next generation of devices that will come from this summer, after being presented at Computex 2013 .

Recall that the company announced earlier that a preliminary version of Windows 8.1 will be released publicly on 26 June during the celebration of BUILD 2013, the most important event for Microsoft developers.

Microsoft will add more ways to customize the home screen of Windows 8.1, the possibility to change the background of the home screen using any of our own images, choosing the default theme gallery for Windows and even use animated backgrounds.

The search will now be much more complete, users can view all applications from the bottom of the screen and filter by name, date of installation, use or categories. They also included the ability to perform global searches through Bing, with embedded fonts as SkyDrive.

Applications that Microsoft developed for Windows 8.1 will be much more complete than those that are available today, adding really interesting features that will be presented in the coming days. They also added the possibility of anchoring multiple applications to the edges of the screens and not only one as today.

Although not yet confirmed officially, I believe that Windows 8.1 will also bring back the famous Start Menu button. A logical step for Microsoft after the huge amount of negative feedbacks received after his disappearance. The button is simple, act as a connector between the traditional desktop and home screen but adds a touch of familiarity to the user.

In short, Microsoft has prepared a major update that will bring new and interesting customization options, better support for desktop mode, greater attention to the quality of their applications and performance improvements. We can only wait until June to test these innovations from first hand on many different devices and of course personal computers.