LiveTuner beta 1 – first working build for system optimizations


At last the first beta build got published. It works for registry optimizations part as described below. I don’t wanna pile up old, not working and bad tweaks so I’ll stick with safe and stable to apply ones for now. I tested on my dad’s intel CPU and my brother’s AMD CPU and they both worked pretty fine to me.

-Official product name decided for ‘LiveTuner’
-Implemented main optimizations like SSD tweaks, disable autorun for XP security, reducing shutdown time and desktop session graphics
-Implemented CPU optimizations for L2 cache, master file table zone and worker threads optimizations depending on cpu speed and cores
-Implemented memory optimizations improving memory management mechanism, paging and caching depending on memory size
-Implemented device optimizations adjusting optimal system optimizations for device type such as worker threads, paged pooling and file caching
-Implemented application optimizations improving performance for specific application such as multimedia, networking, priority management and some applcation specific tweaks

Since this is first build, I won’t say every tweak fits perfectly for every option. Try to optimize using different options too and let me know if you get better performance from choosing different options. The name ‘LiveTuner’ represents tuning system after upgrading CPU or memory right on the spot automatically. But for now it haven’t reached that milestone yet but final product shall follow ‘Set and forget’ principles by optimizing optimal tweaks with some performance boost tasks on startup automatically. The testing beta build having implemented tweaks working is available for testing below. Please let me know how it works on your machine so I can use that data for improving optimizations in future releases.

Info: LiveTuner
Download: LiveTuner