LiveTuner 4.0 – Updates for better optimizations

LiveTuner 4.0

LiveTuner 3.1

Since the release of 3.1, I’ve been receiving feedback like how good it is and some suggestions to improve and fix. After months of optimizations and corrections, here’s version 4.0 which should do stuff better according to user’s feedback.

Changes in version 4.0
-Increased dirty page threshold for more responsive file caching performance
-Fixed Always unload DLL not working
-Fixed memory optimizations not applied for system having memory below 512MB
-Fixed TCP Nagling feature status not restored after uninstallation
-Revised file cache trimming optimizations to scale with memory size
-Reduced I/O page lock limit scaling size according to general server optimizations
-Revised ‘Full Workstation’ application optimizations for heavy load multi-tasking
-Revised ‘Online Gaming’ application optimizations for better hardware performance

Info: LiveTuner
Download: LiveTuner 4.0