LiveTuner 3.0 – New design with analysis

LiveTuner 4.0

LiveTuner 3.0

Like Steve Jobs used to say most Apple products will reach its maturity after 3 generations, LiveTuner 3.0 has now reached its maturity with feedback and improvements. In this version, you’ll get to see most of customized tweaks before applying with analysis page providing tweaks transparency. It’s a lot of work to provide good insights while keeping it simple but this should clear all the doubts about how it optimizes your system now. I also redesigned program UI following flat and metro concepts.

Changes in version 3.0
-Added Analysis screen before applying optimizations
-Added TCPNoDelay tweak for Online Gaming
-Fixed System cache dirty page threshold’s calculation bug
-Improved optimizations for low memory system
-Increased network utilization a little more for ‘Full Workstation’ application
-Desktop gets 50% boost for pooling
-Paged/Nonpaged pooling scales with memory again
-Paging executive will be disabled only for 4GB+ RAM
-Removed Computer Audiophile Server application
-UI redesigned with Flat and Metro concepts

Info: LiveTuner
Download: LiveTuner 3.0