LiveTuner 2.0 – Improved optimizations with more features

LiveTuner 2.0

LiveTuner 2.0

From feedback I received from first stable build, I made some small changes  in optimizations according to users’ report like re-enabling SuperFetch to make ReadyBoost working, fix startup process always holding itself without doing anything, add livetuner.log so that I can analysis what prevents LiveTuner from completing the optimizations and revised file caching a little for better stability and scalability.

I also added some new features like ‘Computer Audiophile Server’ application optimizations, lowering Windows Defender service priority to for old machines and readme section to provide information about software itself. You can update to version 2.0 directly without uninstalling previous version first and make sure to verify selected options before updating.

Changes in version 2.0
-Added Computer Audiophile Server application optimizations
-Added creating installation log in Windows\livetuner.log for reporting
-Added lower Windows Defender’s service priority option
-Added readme section explaining how software works
-Changed default options to what most people use which are ‘Laptop/Tablets’ and ‘Office/Internet’
-Fixed startup optimizations to keep process running only when required
-Increased trimming unused file cache responsiveness a bit more (20->15)
-Re-configured increasing NTFS cache for 4GB+ RAM instead of 2GB+
-Re-enabled SuperFetch so that ReadyBoost can function

Info: LiveTuner
Download: LiveTuner 2.0