Laptop/Tablet suggestion, please. I’m tempting with Surface.

I find 14-inch laptop being tiresome to use since my last oversea trip when I need to flexibility and portability. I once considered buying a new Windows Tablet just for this but my opinion changed after seeing the new Surface release. It’s really catching up my attention.

I’m no longer tech savy who wants to keep updating. My current devices are still Xperia Z/Tablet Z with 2-3 years old laptop. I couldn’t make up my mind for a long while so I guess I should as well ask for help here.

If I buy Surface Book, I’ll get 3:2 ratio screen that should be great asset for photos since I got hooked up with camera hobbies again recently. I can do all kinds of work like sending Fidelizer software on the fly during oversea trip at ease and compile Android ROM with 8GB RAM. But it won’t fit in my Targus shoulder bag as a tablet with 13-inch 3:2 screen so I’ll need to put it in different bag on my back.

If I buy a Surface 4 Pro, it’ll be lighter, thinner, better than Quad-core Atom/Celeron but still less powerful than laptop. I’m not sure if Surface 4 Pro will be powerful enough for playing games like DotA 2/Heroes of Storm but compiling Android ROM should be possible with longer time for 8GB models.

Or maybe I should get just Surface 3 and spend the rest on good laptop. I’ll miss magnesium alloy body and it probably won’t look as good as new models for checking photos. It’s hard decision and I hope you guys can help me.