Install Ubuntu on Nexus 7 Today – Complete Guide

We don’t see every day or even every year a that new mobile operating system appear on the market. However this year, the focus will be on Ubuntu Mobile. A name which is not unheard of because it is very popular the Linux system for office machines.

Arrival of new operating system is always good because it will boost innovation and competition, and what is most important it is different from what we know with iOS and Android. Ubuntu Mobile is compatible with several technically different architectures: x86 or ARM but for now, it remains relatively virtual because no manufacturer offers mobile boarding this OS. But Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, the company that runs the system think the first mobile could arrive late 2014 or based on some speculations we can even see it in February this year.

If you can’t wait and want to try out this new operating system, you can install it on your Nexus device because there is online tutorial which will guide you trough step by step process. To read full tutorial read this article on how to install Ubuntu on Nexus 7. The process is not that hard and can be easily performed from any Windows computer command prompt.