Infographics: Fiction to Reality – Smart tech origin stories

Smart Tech Oringins

I received some interesting infographics since last month and I thought it’d be fun to share it with you guys. It’s story about the origin of smart teches from from fiction in the past that realized with today’s technologies. This made me feel that we’ve advanced a lot and many of them have already become part of our daily life.

Smart Tech Oringins

Remember when you were a child, and any object within reach had the potential to be something much more than it was? In a sense, many inventors never lost that mentality. Those regular ole’ objects that had hidden superpowers, or all of those science fiction gadgets that were just that: science fiction, still spur these people on to greater causes.

This infographic, provided by, gives a few examples of tech gadgets that were inspired by fiction, or were previously thought to be impossible to create. It’s an interesting look at how the power of the imagination can end in the creation and implementation of live saving devices.

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