Indirectly Microsoft confirms Windows Blue

Through the publication of job offers, Microsoft confirms the arrival of Windows Blue for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

For now, Microsoft is very secretive about Windows Blue and avoids this subject. However, the Redmond company has confirmed indirectly that prefigures a new type of annual update for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Through the publication of two jobs, the Redmond company has explicitly refers to Windows Blue. A first offer referred to the new Windows user interface with the splash screen, the life cycle of applications, windowing and customization. In other words, aspects of Windows 8.

“Windows Blue promises to build and improve these aspects of the operating system, improve the ease of use and overall user experience on devices and PCs around the world.”. After the change they did in order to replace Windows Blue for Windows, the job offer was withdrawn (see Google cache).

They also have removed a second job offer (see Google cache) which included Windows Blue for Windows Phone. This position was within the Office team to design an Excel application called Windows Phone Blue.