iMyfone Umate Giveaway

Running out of storage space has been a headache for iPhone users, no matter it is a 16GB iPhone or a 32GB iPhone you are holding. We all hate deleting favorite photos and music, while the need of releasing storage space is unceasing. This is why iMyfone Umate has been developed and designed. Now let’s take a look what it can do.

iMyfone Umate is a desktop software to free up storage space for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by one click. Both Windows and Mac version are available. Mac version iMyfone Umate for Mac


Main features of iMyfone Umate, iPhone Space Saver

  1. Remove crashed logs, photo caches, corrupted files and download temp files generated by iOS (support the latest iOS9.1) and third party apps (available for iOS 8.2 and before versions).
  2. Release up to 75% photos’ space by lossless photo compression.
  3. Automatically back up photos to your computer before lossless photo compression.
  4. Manage third party apps to free up tremendous storage space.
  5. Speed up your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and improve their performance.


How to use iMyfone Umate, iPhone Space Saver?


You can choose either smart space-releasing procedures with just a click or one by one space-releasing process as you like.


smart space-releasing procedures


With simple three steps, you can reclaim tremendous storage space by start the smart space-releasing procedures as below.


Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your computer

After download the software and run it on your computer, please connect your iPhone/ iPad/iPod Touch to your computer.


Step 2. Scan the device.

Once the connection is successful, you can see the option of Quick Scan on the home interface. Quick Scan applies more than 25 analyzing technologies to analyze the storage space can be released and save the scanning time.


Step 3. Release space for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

You can begin the process from the one you like. Junk File Clean-up will be started by clicking on “Clean”. Please note that Third-party app Junk File Clean-up is only available for iOS 8.2 and below versions.


To begin the Lossless Photo Compression process, you just need to click on “Compress”. All photos will be automatically exported to your computer in a designated backup folder before the compression in case you need to print out some photos in the future.


Clicking on “Uninstall” will go to the interface of APP Manager. All your apps will be listed in the order of the storage space they occupy. By checking the unused apps you want to uninstall and clicking on “Uninstall”, you can free up more space for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


One by one space-releasing procedures


If you only want to apply one of the three functions to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, say cleaning up junk files, this method can suit you and save you much time. You can click on the tab of the category you want to apply by click on the specific one on the left tool bar, and you will see the specific interface of the category for you to continue the space-releasing operation. Each specific procedure is almost the same as the one in home interface.


Both Windows and Mac versions for iMyfone Umate are available. Why not participate in the Giveaway and get a FREE license now? iMyfone Giveaway