Improve your Windows browser with Explorer++

Since its introduction many years ago, replacing the classic and forgotten File Manager or Windows Explorer has become the backbone of the system and the native solution to perform file operations such as copying, deleting or moving documents and folders.

All based on drag and drop, very simple, but it is a product that has improved minimally over the years. The new web surfing habits make, however, be interesting to take a look at Explorer++, a third party application that adds the ability to navigate trough tabs in Windows Explorer. Many people would expect that behind this project stands some big software developer company but its not that case with this one since it was developed by David Erceg.

The philosophy is the same as the Explorer. From the outset we have two distinct parts, the left pane with the folder view as a tree where we can access the different units and elements of the system, and the right panel, where we access the selected contents on the front panel. The difference is that here we can open them individually in different tabs, saving us from having to deal with different windows.

Another of the interesting things is the ability to access options that integrates the original product, such as the party and cast archvios, which is useful to divide heavy documents that we want to put in such low capacity drives or CDs.

The good thing is that Explorer++ is also a portable application, and it does not require installation and therefore we avoid using external elements in the system that could slow it down or affect it negatively. It weighs only few megabites, and once installed it will give a boost to our productivity and improving one element which is constantly used in Windows.

Explorer++ is available for Windows 8 systems but can be used in Windows 7 and even Windows XP, with both 32 and 64 bits depending on the characteristics of your system.